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Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

April 3, 2023

Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid Renovating your home can be a great way to improve its function and feel like your own. But it can also be a big task and there are many mistakes that can go wrong along the way. If you want to avoid these mistakes, you’ll have to take a bit of time to plan out your renovation before you start it. This will help ensure your project goes smoothly and doesn’t turn into a disaster. Going Cheap Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home, improve your lifestyle or add more equity, it’s important to keep your... View Article

Should You Start in the Interior or Exterior When Doing Renovations?

February 6, 2023

If you are moving into a new home or want to improve an existing one, you may have the desire to complete a new renovation to the property. When you are looking to complete a renovation, you will have to decide whether to start with the interior or exterior of the home. If you are wondering should I start with an exterior or interior renovation, there are various factors to consider to determine which option is right for your situation. Are You Adding Space One of the factors to consider when you are looking to improve the property is if you... View Article

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