Exterior Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

When you stand and look at your home from the outside, what do you see? If it looks like there’s something missing, it’s likely because there is! The RockAway Company will help you figure out what’s missing and make sure it’s remedied right away. Our expert contractors in Fort Worth, TX are dedicated to helping you complete your home’s exterior remodeling work, whether you want to build a detached garage or are exploring any other types of home additions.

Exterior Remodeling

Outdoor Living

Who says your living space has to end the moment you step outside? With decks, pergolas, gazebos and other beautiful exterior home additions, you can continue living in the lap of luxury under the open sky!

Our experienced builders will help you assess your property to determine what exterior home additions are right for you and how to best incorporate them into your property. Let us work with you to design the ideal deck, improve your curb appeal with a gorgeous pergola or enhance your space with an outdoor kitchen.

Home Additions

Room Additions

Need to kick out the walls of your home just a little, to make more room inside? Call on us for home additions! From expanding your kitchen outward, to adding a new bedroom, to attaching your detached garage, we’ll make sure you’ve got the interior space you need and an exterior remodelng job that looks seamless and beautiful.

Build a Detached Garage

Windows and Doors

One of the best ways to complete your exterior remodeling in Fort Worth, TX and put the finishing touches on your home is to improve the windows and doors. Let us walk you through these upgrades—from energy efficient windows to timeless wood doors—so you can make the little adjustments that have a big impact on your home’s appearance and value.

Improving Curb Appeal

Turn your front yard into the envy of the neighborhood and your backyard into a private oasis that’s perfect for you! The RockAway Company will transform your exterior, adding value to your home and functionality to your property when you choose to build a detached garage or other addition. Give us a call at 817-485-9855 to start planning your exterior remodeling upgrades.

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