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Commercial Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

June 5, 2023

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The bathroom in a commercial space can make a big impression on customers, clients, and employees. If your commercial bathroom is outdated, it may be time for a remodel. Not only can a remodel improve the appearance of the bathroom, but it can also increase functionality and safety. In this blog post, we will discuss some commercial bathroom remodeling ideas to help you create a bathroom that is both stylish and functional.

1. Choose Durable Materials

When remodeling a commercial bathroom, it is important to choose materials that can withstand heavy use and wear. Tiles are often a popular choice for commercial bathrooms because they are durable and easy to clean. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, which can create a unique and stylish look.

Other durable materials to consider include high-quality bathroom fixtures, such as faucets and toilets. These fixtures can be made from materials like stainless steel or solid surface materials, which are both sturdy and long-lasting.

2. Improve Accessibility

Improving accessibility in a commercial bathroom is important for all users, including those with disabilities. Adding grab bars, wider doors, and accessible sinks can make a big difference in the overall functionality of the bathroom.

In addition, consider installing automatic faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers to make the bathroom more user-friendly. These features not only improve accessibility but can also reduce the spread of germs.

3. Maximize Space

In a commercial bathroom, maximizing space is key. Adding storage and organizing options, such as built-in shelves, can help keep the bathroom clutter-free and functional.

Additionally, consider adding multi-stall toilets and sinks to maximize the number of users who can use the bathroom at the same time. This can be especially important in high-traffic commercial spaces, such as restaurants and offices.

4. Consider Mood Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in the overall ambiance of a commercial bathroom. Adding soft, mood lighting can create a calming atmosphere and make the bathroom more inviting.

Consider adding dimmer switches or adjustable lighting to allow for different levels of lighting throughout the day. Additionally, adding mirrors and reflective surfaces can help bounce light around the room and make the space appear larger.

5. Incorporate Touchless Features

In today’s world, touchless features are becoming increasingly important for hygiene purposes. Consider adding touchless features to your commercial bathroom remodel, such as motion sensor faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and hands-free dryers.

Not only do touchless features improve hygiene, but they can also reduce the amount of upkeep and maintenance required for the bathroom.

6. Add a Splash of Color

Adding a splash of color can help make the commercial bathroom more inviting and stylish. Consider adding colorful accents, such as a bright wall or patterned tiles, to create visual interest in the space.

Additionally, incorporating calming colors like blues and greens can create a soothing atmosphere and make the bathroom more relaxing for users.


Remodeling a commercial bathroom can be a big project, but it can also provide a lot of benefits in terms of functionality, safety, and style. When planning your commercial bathroom remodel, consider choosing durable materials, improving accessibility, maximizing space, adding mood lighting, incorporating touchless features, and adding a splash of color. By taking these ideas into account, you can create a commercial bathroom that is both functional and stylish while also meeting the needs of your customers and employees.

And if you feel like it’s time for your commercial business to undergo a remodel of its bathrooms, be sure to contact us today!

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