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Picking The Right Paint Color For Your Remodel

April 24, 2023

Picking The Right Paint Color For Your Remodel

When it comes to picking the right paint color for your home remodel, the process can be overwhelming. Whether you’re choosing paint colors for a living room or a bedroom, take the time to think about what you want your space to feel like. Here are several tips that can help you make the best decision possible for your space.

Warm Tones

Warm hues evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Warm colors are typically used to make larger spaces appear more intimate and cozy. They’re also helpful for making smaller rooms feel more expansive and spacious. Achieving this effect depends on the undertones of the paint and how it reads in the light. That’s why you should always purchase a sample of any paint you’re considering before painting the entire room.

Cool Tones

Cool colors (blues, greens, purples) are calming and have a modern, clean effect. They can also add a sense of depth to a space, especially when used with other warmer tones. Cool tones often work well in small spaces, as they make rooms feel bigger. This makes them ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, where you want to relax. These tones are also soothing and calming, which can be beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure or insomnia. If you’re struggling to decide what cool tone would be best for your remodel, try picking up a few color samples. Purchase samples that are in the finish you plan to use on the walls and trim, such as matte, eggshell, satin, or high gloss.


Neutrals are calming and timeless, which makes them the ideal backdrop for any of your decor. They also make it easier to swap out the furniture and other features of the room if you change your style or want to refresh your home’s color scheme. If you’re looking for a neutral paint color to use in your home remodel, choose a shade that reflects light well and complements other colors in the room. For example, Sherwin-Williams’ Sea Salt (SW 6204) is an excellent choice. It’s a cool, light-reflecting neutral that can go either in a green or blue direction depending on the lighting and other hues in the space. It’s the ideal choice for a bedroom or a bathroom that gets plenty of natural light. Whites can be a little boring, but when used with other shades, they can add depth and intrigue to a design. For instance, try using a light blush shade to bring a little personality into a room of neutrals.

Bold Tones

If you’re looking for bold tones, consider the jewel-tones that are making a big splash in interior design this year. Taking their inspiration from precious stones, these regal hues can make any space feel luxe and luxurious without being too overpowering. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by bright colors, try using them sparingly as accents. For example, paint a single piece in a vibrant jewel-tone shade that will pop against softer neutrals or layer it with other shades to create the effect you want. For a master bedroom, consider introducing jewel tones to the room through upholstered headboards and bed frames in rich velvets. This will add a touch of luxury while also complementing other parts of the space, such as your wall art and furniture.

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