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Home Additions Ideas That Will Increase Your Square Footage

January 9, 2023

In addition to increasing the functionality of your home, various additions can also raise its value. With this facet acknowledged, custom home addition ideas must be considered in detail so the renovated areas will improve your home life. 

Some home addition projects that will increase your square footage include converting your front porch into a sunroom, adding a second story to your home, finishing your basement, and completing your attic space. Read on to understand these ideas for home additions that will expand your square footage in greater detail. 

Convert Front Porch Into a Sunroom

If you are an avid outdoorsman and enjoy natural light, consider converting your front porch area into a sunroom. This addition project includes enclosing the room and adding windows to create a liveable space. To be acknowledged as a livable space, many require this room to be connected to the home’s heating and cooling system. 

Once this project is complete, a homeowner can transform this space to be a spot to relax on comfortable furniture or a warm area rug. Sunrooms are also a great area to introduce various plants into your home. 

Add a Second Story to Your Home 

If you are up for partaking in a larger home addition project that will increase your square footage, adding a second story to your home may be the right move. This project will likely double the square footage but will also transform the whole house plan of your home. 

Due to the vast amount of change required to make this home addition, the plan must be studied. You will need to ensure that your home can withstand the drastic changes of this addition. If you do this home addition, get ready to have your life transformed in the best way possible! 

Finish Your Basement 

While unfinished basements are common, this space can alter your home’s livability and create new levels of convenience. By adding proper walls, flooring, and furniture accessories, a basement can be used as a new area to entertain, host guests overnight, or serve as a personal apartment space. While possibilities are endless for this space, the key is to make the room something worthwhile for your lifestyle. 

Complete Your Attic Space 

According to SpaceWise, a requirement of at least half the attic ceiling being seven feet tall is vital for the space to be livable. Additionally, the attic must connect to a usable stairwell. Once these requirements are confirmed, creativity can flow. Like a finished basement, the attic space can transform into a liveable area that can be advantageous for several different purposes. This space can be an entertainment space, a living space, and more. 

In conclusion, a home addition can positively impact the homeowner. After reviewing these ideas for home additions that will expand your square footage, decide which ones you are ready to partake in. Take the steps today and explore your custom home addition ideas today! 


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