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10 Things You Should Know Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

May 9, 2022

Remodeling your kitchen is often an exciting experience as it provides you with an opportunity to create a new vibrant space. Armed with the right professionals, tools, budget, and time, you can get the perfect kitchen for spending time with your family and making delicious meals. However, before you start budgeting, buying appliances, and ripping cabinets out, here are the top 10 important questions to ask before a kitchen remodel to help you plan and save time and resources.

1. Will You Be Staying or Selling?

If you’re about to sell the house, remodeling your kitchen can be one of the best ways to increase its value. Typically, kitchen renovations can give you a 50% or more return on investment. If you are staying, you can focus on personal style, functionality, and preference.

2. How Do You Intend to Use Your New Kitchen?

Do you plan to spend more time in the kitchen with your family, whipping up your favorite recipes? Do you want to join your visitors in conversations as you cook? Do you plan to have people coming to join you in the cooking? All these can help you think critically about the type of kitchen you want to create.

3. Do You Need More Space?

If you have children or live with several new family members, space can be an issue. You can speak to your contractor to determine whether to work with what you have or create more space.

4. What Is Your Budget?

Before making any major decisions, it’s prudent to have a budget that can guide the project. Create your budget and stick with it throughout the process.

5. Do You Need to Change the Layout, or Do You Want to Keep the Current One?

Minor renovations may not require changing layouts. However, it’s important to know this and discuss it with a professional for advice and tips.

6. Will You Need a Temporary Kitchen?

Kitchen renovations, especially major renovations, can be time-consuming. You might need to find a temporary kitchen or move out completely until the work is complete.

7. What Are Your Personal Storage Needs?

Do you need more cabinets, a bigger pantry, or a bigger kitchen? It’s important to carefully select the storage types that best meet your needs. If you buy things in bulk, a bigger pantry is necessary.

8. How Will You Know You Have the Right Contractor for Your Project?

Apart from recommendations from friends, you also need to do your due diligence to find the right contractor for your project. Review portfolios, past projects, and other documentation to ensure the contractor can deliver the results you want.

9. Do You Need New Appliances?

While investing in high-quality appliances may seem inevitable, it’s important to assess all your needs before purchasing expensive appliances that you don’t need. If your current appliances are in good condition, you can always skip buying some, especially those that you rarely use.

10. Will You Need Permits?

Major renovations that may require digging, cutting, and installing electric wires and plumbing systems require permits. Your contractor should help you know what is required and help you file all the paperwork.

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