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Keep This Home Remodeling Checklist Handy During Your Project!

March 9, 2022

Have you been thinking of planning a complete home remodel this year? Congratulations! This is an exciting project that’s sure to bring many years of enjoyment and improved functionality to your home. But especially if you’re still in the earliest stages of planning, you’re probably already realizing that it’s a huge undertaking. Where do you even begin?

Take a look at the following checklist for home remodeling to get a sense of the steps you should take at every stage of the process. From determining your wants and needs to choosing the right contractor for your project and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

Consider the goals of your complete home remodel

By the time you bring up the topic of remodeling, you’ve probably already spent some time thinking about it. But what are your true goals for the project? Do you simply want to update certain spaces, or do you want to make major changes? And based on those answers, how will that factor into your project goals? For example, if you want major changes to the layout, will it impact your budget or timeline? Will there be structural work involved that will require additional permits and inspections?

Hire a contractor

Once you’ve established your goals, turn to the contractor you’ll be working with. Developers are typically skilled at taking a home’s architectural plans and turning them into functional spaces, but they’re often limited by their own design aesthetics. If you need more flexibility, or if your project involves very heavy customization, hiring an architect may be beneficial.

Even if you’re working with a developer, it’s important to meet with them and go over your plans. They can offer insight that will help you tweak and improve your designs, and they’ll be able to point out potential obstacles (for example, if there isn’t enough head clearance in one of the rooms).

Determine your timeline

Once you’ve determined the areas you’ll be remodeling and have finalized all of your plans, go through them with your contractor. Together with them, create a timeline for how long certain aspects of the project will take and what steps need to be completed in advance. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, this can be a long-term timeline or one that’s broken down into weeks or months—just make sure it’s concrete and realistic.

Prepare your home

Once you have a timeline in place, you’ll need to prepare your home. Have a clear path from one space to another for workers so they don’t disrupt your daily routine or bump into things as they come and go. When it comes to safety, make sure cords are tucked away from the work area and that no rugs or furniture can get in the way of materials being moved around. Be cognizant of the fact that there will likely be a lot of dust and debris, which means you’ll want to keep food and drinks away from the project site.

With this checklist for home remodeling in mind, you’re ready to start your complete home remodel! Get ready for an updated home and the satisfaction of knowing that every design decision plays a part in creating a beautiful final product. Be sure to keep this checklist nearby so you can refer to it throughout your project. To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your remodeling ideas, reach out to The RockAway Company today!

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