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How to Plan a Successful Home Remodel

December 16, 2021

Is it time to start remodeling your home? Where do you start? Who do you call?

If you’re planning to give yourself the gift of a new home remodeling project soon, there are some simple step-by-step remodeling tips that will make the entire process easier. By the time you start interviewing contractors, most of the work on your end will already be done.

Here are our best step-by-step home remodeling tips:

  • Make a budget: Your budget is the most crucial part of the home remodeling process, since it will naturally limit what you can and can’t do. Figure out what you can afford to spend, and visit lenders to ensure that you can secure a loan if necessary. This will guide all of your choices, so it needs to be done first.
  • Set your goals: Next set your goals. Why are you remodeling, and what specifically would you like to get out of it? If you have broad goals, like “a bigger kitchen,” think about why you want a bigger kitchen. Is it so you can have more space to cook or more space to gather, or is it so you can easily keep an eye on your kids? Whatever the reason, try to pinpoint what exactly you want from your remodel.
  • Consult the calendar: If you’re trying to get a remodeling project done by a certain date, make sure that you give plenty of breathing room—or save it for before the next holiday. Many projects take weeks or even months to complete, even if there are no delays.
  • Research contractors: Now it’s time to start researching contractors. Word-of-mouth referrals are always great, but you can also call and interview contractors based on search results or the phone book.
  • Permits and materials: After you hire a contractor, they’ll help obtain permits and show you what kind of materials you can order.
  • Prepare for demolition: If your remodeling requires demolition, you’ll need to prepare accordingly. Start packing up the items in your current room, and move them out of the way. Protect areas which might see a lot of traffic, like your front entryway, to keep them dust and dirt
  • Set a workable schedule: Figure out how you’re going to handle the contractors’ schedules, especially if you work or attend school from home.
  • Plan for outages, pets and children: If you have pets or children, make sure that they will be out of the way and safe during construction. You should also come up with some backup plans if there are temporary power or water outages.

Now that you know how to start your home remodel, you can start preparing and researching contractors. When you need reliable, affordable and talented home remodeling contractors, The RockAway Company is here to help. We can assist you in designing and executing home remodeling projects, no matter the size or scope of your project or budget. Call us today to learn more about our availability and to get started transforming your home.

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