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Finding the Best Flooring for Your Home

November 9, 2021

With all of the possible flooring options out there for your home, choosing a new material can be a challenge. Luckily, the experts at The RockAway Company are here to help. These are a few of the top flooring options to choose from.


Whether it’s finished or unfinished, solid hardwood is one of the most popular flooring choices out there. Hardwood provides a timeless appearance and is incredibly durable. However, it’s also one of the more expensive options. Don’t be tempted to install hardwood floors on your own to save some money—always work with a reputable residential remodeling company instead.

Engineered wood

This flooring option looks just like hardwood, but it’s less expensive. Engineered hardwood is made with a thin veneer of natural wood on top with several layers of less expensive (yet sturdy) plywood underneath. The multiple layers of construction make this a durable choice for use in any living area.


The laminate manufacturing process is a lot like that of engineered wood, where veneer is layered over compressed fiber or plywood. But with laminate, the top layer is actually a high-quality image instead of wood. Laminate floors can be made to look like everything from hardwood to stone, and don’t require much maintenance. While these floors are less expensive to install, they’re not as long lasting and aren’t easily repaired.


Bamboo is one of the more popular modern flooring ideas because it’s seen as more eco-friendly than traditional hardwood. Bamboo comes in a variety of different patterns that’ll look fantastic in any home. While bamboo is a bit less expensive than hardwood, it’s also not always as durable.


Vinyl is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options for homes for a few reasons. With a lifespan of 20 years, this material is incredibly durable and comes in an array of colors and patterns. It’s similar to laminate in that it can be designed to look like higher-end flooring. Just be careful and avoid purchasing low-quality vinyl that can tear.


Linoleum could be found in most homes across the country in the mid-20th century, but this material slightly fell out of favor as vinyl got more popular. It can still be a fantastic choice, though! Linoleum is water resistant, durable and comes in a variety of styles. It’s a perfect flooring choice for bathrooms, mudrooms or kitchens. The biggest downside is that the material can be dented by high heels or other pointy objects.


Soft and warm underfoot, carpet is a fantastic choice for bedrooms, playrooms or any family living area. Carpeting comes in a vast selection of materials and colors to suit your needs. Just be mindful of spills, because eliminating stains from carpeting can be difficult, if not impossible.

Buy your new floors today

Now that you’ve got some modern flooring ideas, it’s time to pick yours out. Regardless of the room you’re remodeling or the material you’re choosing, you can trust The RockAway Company to complete the project successfully. With decades of experience and competitive pricing, we’re the residential remodeling team to call to tackle the job.

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