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How Remodeling Your Office Will Make Your Employees Happy

October 1, 2021

There’s nothing like a change of scenery. Remodeling an office and updating the facilities can have wide-ranging positive effects on both employees and potential clients. Whether it’s increasing productivity or boosting morale, an office remodel can recharge your business.

There are a seemingly infinite number of options when it comes to office remodeling. You can (and should) do some research before you commission a general contractor who specializes in commercial remodeling services. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it, consider the benefits of remodeling your office.

Increase productivity

Studies show that happy employees are more productive. One University of Oxford survey discovered that happy employees are 13% more productive than unhappy employees. Productive employees feel like they’re accomplishing things and doing work that they can stand behind, which in turn makes them happier. Remodeling your workspace to increase productivity can make employees happier and more content, which lends itself back into the work they’re doing.

Invest in ergonomic furniture

It’s difficult for someone to feel joy if they’re experiencing chronic pain. Utilizing ergonomic furniture in your remodeled office will not only make your employees more comfortable, it will also raise their performance, productivity and morale. Instead of sitting uncomfortably all day or working at an oddly-shaped desk, ergonomic furniture can help your employees feel better throughout the day.

Upgrade employee spaces or create a new ones

Because employees spend a lot of time at the office, it’s nice for them to have a space all their own. This means a breakroom, a kitchen and conference rooms that are open to all employees to use. You can upgrade employees facilities and make them feel more at home when they are taking a break or heating up their leftovers during a late night at the office. Some tech companies even have “playroom” spaces where employees can relax and unwind between work sessions.

Update the bathrooms

It might not seem important, but the bathrooms in an office influence employee morale. Employees will inevitably have to use the bathroom while at work, and having clean, sleek and modern bathrooms with contemporary amenities goes a long way toward improving mood. Paint the walls with lighter colors that give off a clean feel and increase employee energy levels, utilize full-height partitions for enhanced privacy, and install unique homey light fixtures in lieu of dull commercial fluorescent lighting.

A fresh start

If you use a general contractor to remodel your office, you can change the way your employees think and feel about your place of business. A new office space can mean a new outlook for them and a rediscovered sense of purpose. This, in turn, leads to happiness. It’s a simple way to keep people positive while they’re at work.

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