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Four Tips for Designing an Ideal Kitchen

July 6, 2021

Looking to turn your current kitchen into your dream kitchen? There’s a lot of planning and preparation that needs to be done to ensure a successful renovation. If you’re investing in a kitchen remodel for your Fort Worth, TX home, here’s how to make sure you do it right and end up with a beautifully functioning space.

Develop a layout

Existing elements of your home, including windows and doors, will dictate how you can arrange your kitchen when remodeling. You also should take into account how this space works with adjacent rooms, especially if you’re working with an open concept plan. Here are some traditional layouts that could work well for your space:

  • Galley: This is one of the most basic and traditional kitchen layouts, and it’s incredibly functional for cooking and baking. It’s best for smaller kitchens in homes that don’t feature an open concept plan.
  • L-shaped: This layout helps you maximize corner spaces by organizing all appliances and essentials in three corners. This plan can accommodate a dining space, too, as well as other work zones, including an island.
  • U-shaped: This kitchen layout works best when you have a large amount of space to work with. It’s ideal for family gatherings and entertaining, and it makes working in the kitchen a breeze by offering an efficient layout for smooth workflow. You’ll generally have three walls for counters and workspace, and you always have the option of adding an island to center the room.

Create clusters for kitchen activities

While the traditional kitchen workflow is based on the shape of a triangle, where a cook would move from the refrigerator to the sink to the stove to maximize efficiency, it may be best to cluster elements together. During your Fort Worth, TX kitchen remodel, use a design that groups elements together so you have a separate prep space, food storage space and cooking area.

Provide plenty of space for kitchen traffic

Kitchens are one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, so there needs to be plenty of room for people to comfortably maneuver within the space. Paths throughout a kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide, with areas near the cooking zone needing a bit of extra room. Plan kitchen islands and peninsulas accordingly to ensure multiple people can comfortably move around the space at once.

Add plenty of electrical outlets

Nearly all small kitchen appliances need to be plugged into an outlet. Coffeemakers, blenders, toasters, microwaves and other countertop appliances all need electricity to run. If your current kitchen configuration doesn’t have enough outlets to support all the appliances you use on a regular basis, include more outlets in your remodeling plans. In addition to adding them along a backsplash, add some to an island or even outfit a drawer with outlets.

When you undertake a kitchen remodel at your Fort Worth, TX home, taking the time to properly plan the space for how you use it now (and plan to in the future) will ensure a successful project. A professional remodeling company will help you develop a design that works for the needs of your family. Contact The RockAway Company today to discover the full potential of your kitchen with a thoughtfully-designed remodel.

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