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Essential Improvements to Consider During Your Bathroom Remodel

June 2, 2021

Bathroom remodels offer a lot of major benefits for homeowners. Investing in a bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to boost your home’s value and improve its functionality. If you’re thinking about investing in this type of project, make sure you get the most out of it by considering some of these essential improvements for your bathroom remodel in Fort Worth, TX.

Best bathroom remodeling projects

Some renovation projects are more beneficial than others when it comes to return on investment. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to learn about some of the essential improvements for your bathroom remodel in Fort Worth, TX that will offer the best bang for your buck. Here are some of the top bathroom remodel projects to invest in:

  • Plumbing upgrades: While upgrading bathroom plumbing isn’t a visible or aesthetic improvement, it can make a huge difference in plumbing performance and home value. Replacing old, outdated bathroom plumbing with pipes that are clog resistant is a great way to improve plumbing performance and avoid any issues with clogged drains.
  • Add a window: Adding a window to the bathroom improves natural lighting to make the space appear brighter and more spacious. A glazed window in the shower enclosure is a great option for homeowners who want to improve lighting while creating a more pleasant bathroom environment. Windows can also boost home value, so it’s a worthwhile investment all around.
  • Expand storage: Limited storage space in the bathroom is a common complaint among homeowners, so investing in remodeling projects to expand it can be very worthwhile. There are a lot of different ways to create storage in the bathroom, including installing a recessed medicine cabinet or adding to existing cabinet space.
  • Replace fixtures: Older plumbing fixtures, including showerheads, faucets and toilets, tend to be more wasteful of water than newer models. Replacing these outdated fixtures with newer, more efficient models is a great way to improve efficiency, cut water waste and boost the appearance of your bathroom.
  • Upgrade lighting: Sometimes, all it takes is the right lighting to take a room to the next level and create the ideal atmosphere. Add to existing lighting by installing a wider variety of lighting fixtures in the bathroom. Try combining warm and cool lighting to create more visual interest. Dimmer switches are also a great option that makes it easy to customize lighting and change the atmosphere instantly.
  • Invest in tiling: Tiling can be a great design accent in a bathroom. There are all kinds of different types of tile on the market, in countless different shapes, sizes, designs and colors. This variety allows homeowners to select tiling options that are perfect for their needs and preferences.

Professional bathroom remodeling

For help with some essential improvements for your bathroom remodel in Fort Worth, TX, reach out to The RockAway Company. Since 1993, our team has provided comprehensive remodeling services for our customers throughout the area. As a family owned and operated remodeling company, we are committed to the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers. Get started with a consultation and a quote by giving our team a call today.

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