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Where to Start When Remodeling a Bathroom

March 15, 2021

The general contractors in Fort Worth, TX make bathroom renovations look simple. But in reality, they have to plan carefully so the finished product looks just like the homeowner’s vision. Homeowners must also participate in the planning phase because, after all, they’re the ones who will use the bathroom for years to come. Here are the items that should top your bathroom remodel checklist.

Set a realistic budget

The first item on your bathroom remodel checklist is setting a realistic budget. This will determine which cabinetry, light fixtures, tiles and appliances you can afford. However, don’t make the common mistake of cramming as much into your budget as possible. Allow some wiggle room in case setbacks occur during the construction process, like plumbing mishaps or shipping delays. Homeowners should request a quote from a Fort Worth, TX general contractor to see if their dream bathroom fits within their allocated budget.

Measure everything

Taking down measurements is a simple, yet often overlooked step of the planning process. Nothing is more costly, time consuming and frustrating than the moment you realize that expensive sink faucet is off by half an inch. Before you purchase materials for the bathroom renovation, measure the room’s dimensions and the existing features so you don’t waste money on a tub that doesn’t fit. All the pieces have to fit together like a puzzle, so measuring should be near the top of your bathroom remodel checklist.

Inhibit mold growth

A bathroom is the dampest section of the house, because bath water gets tracked across the floor, and steam builds up from hot showers. From ceiling fans to base trim, everything in your bathroom has to promote good airflow and prevent future mold growth. Your general contractor will help select a nonporous, waterproof tile for the shower and flooring. They’ll also make sure the tub angles toward the drain to avoid pooling water.

Choose functional pieces

Homeowners often get so caught up in choosing the most aesthetically-pleasing features and forget about the functionality of their bathroom remodel. Storage isn’t the most exciting part of interior design, but it can make or break your bathroom. Contractors should hang medicine cabinets at an accessible height and make sure there’s enough room in the lower cabinets to house plumbing.

Hire a qualified contractor

Do your research before hiring a general contractor. Whoever you choose has to display proof of insurance, because replacing damaged materials should never be the homeowner’s responsibility. No matter how good the contractor claims to be, never hire someone unless they’re a licensed professional. It’s the only way to guarantee homeowners get the quality they’re paying for. Lastly, ask other homeowners in Fort Worth, TX who completed their bathroom remodels, and what they thought of their work and customer service.

If planning a bathroom remodel intimidates you, don’t worry. The general contractors at The RockAway Company will guide you through the process from start to finish. But don’t just take our word for it—browse our gallery of bathroom renovations to see how we’ve transformed countless homes, then call us with your bathroom remodel checklist to get started with a consultation!

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