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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinets

January 20, 2021

If your home is aging, or if you have recently moved into your next home, a kitchen remodel is likely in order. But if you only have the time and money to complete one project, there is one feature of a kitchen that you likely use more than any other: the cabinets.

The best way to refresh your kitchen is to simply upgrade your cabinets. But how do you choose the right ones? Follow these tips on choosing the best cabinets for your kitchen in Fort Worth, TX, and watch your space come to life.

Consider the size and height of your cabinets

First of all, your new cabinets must be functional. If you cook frequently and own a lot of kitchen tools, serving platters and Tupperware, then larger cabinets are the best way to go. You will want to maximize your space as much as possible to make use of every square inch in the most efficient way.

Also, take into account others in your household. If you have children, it may be important to you that they either have easy access or restricted access to certain storage areas in your kitchen.

Lastly, organization of your food items is essential. You will want your cabinets placed in an area where the most important items are within easy reach while cooking. Thinking through the functionality of your upgraded cabinets will save you a lot of headache later.

Have fun with color and design

Choosing new cabinets is not all about utility, however. Making updates in your home provides you with the opportunity to have fun, choose colors and designs that speak to you and let your unique personality shine through. There are a few ways you can show your distinctive taste.

First, think about the type of wood you will use. If you go for a natural wood finish, be sure it is the right type for your existing décor. Pine, alder and maple are all excellent choices for this look. You may also decide to paint over the wood, and paint color should also match with the rest of your home in a cohesive way.

Then, consider your cabinet door profile. There are many different types of accents, from recessed squares to arches. You can also go for a completely unaccented, modern and sleek approach to your cabinets. The type of knobs and hardware you choose can also add to the theme.

For a truly modern cabinet approach, open shelving could be the best choice for you and your home. Free floating shelves keep your kitchen feeling light and airy. They also help you avoid the need to hunt for the item you’re looking for. But open shelving is not practical for everyone, since it requires more maintenance and can appear cluttered if you own too many kitchen tools.

Contact a professional today

When upgrading your kitchen cabinets, consult with experts to ensure a high-quality upgrade and finished look. For more tips on choosing the best cabinets for your kitchen in Fort Worth, TX or to speak with a professional contractor, contact The RockAway Company today.

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