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Which Renovations Add the Most Value?

December 31, 2020

When you first bought your house, it was likely your ideal place to call home. However, over time, a combination of natural wear and tear and changing tastes in décor conspired to turn your dream home into a fixer upper. You don’t have to settle for diminished home value. A general contractor in Fort Worth, TX can assess your property and make some valuable changes.

One quick note

Simply put, “value” is subjective. When you begin renovations, it’s critical to determine your purpose? Do you hope to improve your home’s value for resale, or is your intent to create the perfect home for your needs? Your response to that question will result in significant differences in your remodel outcome.

That said, below are suggestions for those people prepping their home for resale. If you plan to occupy your home for the foreseeable future, you can indulge in amenities that suit your personal tastes.

Here are some of the most historically beneficial improvements to make to your home.

Manufactured stone veneer

There aren’t many renovations you can add to your home that outperforms a stone veneer. You don’t even need to completely replace your siding, just invest in replacing part of it. A manufactured stone veneer helps your home stand out while dramatically improving its curb appeal.

New front door

Don’t underestimate the impact your front door has on potential buyers. A fresh redesign of your entryway can grab buyers before they even cross the threshold. Best of all, switching out your front door is one of the most cost-effective improvements you can ask for from a general contractor.

Interior paint

There are two major reasons to have residential interiors painted as you ready your Fort Worth, TX home for resale:

  • There are significant signs of age, like spots or faded areas
  • Your walls are painted a bright or off-kilter color

Ideally, your walls should be painted a neutral color, like white or beige. This allows buyers to imagine their own finishing touches on the space.

Minor kitchen remodel

There’s no need to go crazy in the kitchen. Start with an inspection of your countertops and cabinets. Replacing these two items can completely revitalize your kitchen’s appearance. Next, inspect the major appliances. If they’re more than five years old, it might be worth replacing them with moderately priced updates.

Minor bathroom remodel

Like the kitchen, you should start with your cabinets and countertops to determine if they require a fresh coat of paint or complete replacement. Then, move on to the lighting fixtures and shoot for a minimal aesthetic. Don’t forget to put a light above your shower or bathtub.

Begin your home remodel

Looking for more tips on how to add value to your house? Call in the best general contractor in Fort Worth, TX: The RockAway Company. Our skilled team can handle a comprehensive range of residential and commercial renovations, from kitchen and bathroom remodels to complete second-story additions.

When you work with The RockAway Company, you can count on incredible workmanship and even better service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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