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Consider These Five Elements When Redoing Floors

October 16, 2020

Options appear exhaustive when choosing between flooring materials for your home in Fort Worth, TX. This can quickly become overwhelming unless you have some guidance to help you make an informed decision. Flooring should be a longer-term investment, and updating your home flooring now should mean you do not have to think about it again for many years. If you decide to redo your floors, here are five elements to consider so you choose the right material:

  • Foot traffic: A kitchen or mudroom sustains much more floor traffic than a formal dining room you only use when you have company. High-traffic areas need resilient flooring that will stand up to the possibility of scratches and dents. Natural wood is beautiful and popular, but will sustain damage in kitchens and high-traffic areas. Consider luxury vinyl and laminate instead.
  • Cleaning needs: Bathrooms and kitchens require constant scrubbing, as does the laundry room that doubles as a mudroom or even an active family room. In these areas, you want flooring material that is easy to clean. Porcelain offers many designs and is easy to clean. However, if you have it in the kitchen, anything you drop on it will likely break. Once again, vinyl and laminate work best if you need to keep an area sanitized. If cleaning does not need to happen often, wood and luxury carpet will serve nicely.
  • Layout: For open floor plans, you need to create uniformity by using the same flooring material throughout the space. This maintains a clean look that helps these large areas look even more open and attract more natural light. For homes that are a maze of rooms, you can often get away with installing different types of flooring—wood laminate in the living room, tile in the kitchen, etc. Indulge your desires, but also be sure to cater to your home’s natural architectural style.
  • Comfort: Some types of floors are more comfortable than others. Vinyl and laminate have a give that will keep dropped objects from breaking as well as soften the blow if your small children take a tumble. Also, you spend most of the time in your kitchen standing, so the floor with the give will be easier on your back and knees. You can save harder floor options for areas where you mainly sit or require the extra durability.
  • Household allergies: There are floor types that are off the table if anyone in your household suffers allergies or respiratory ailments. Traditional vinyl and new carpet emit high amounts of VOCs for up to 72 hours after installation, which can cause coughing or sneezing. If you have pets, it’s easier to clean hair off bare floors than carpet. As a general rule, carpet is not an option in a home with allergy sufferers. Choose laminate, cork or tile instead.

The RockAway Company is your residential remodeling specialist. We will guide you through every step, from deciding on a design to updating your home flooring in Fort Worth, TX. Do not make choosing between flooring materials for your home an exhausting task. Contact us today to start the planning and design process!

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