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Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Bathroom

September 8, 2020

Lighting adds a lot to a room, yet it’s often an overlooked feature in remodels. When you’re planning your bathroom remodel, it’s important for you to give some consideration to the kinds of lighting you will employ.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your bathroom lighting after your remodel in Fort Worth, TX.


Dimmers can be useful in many different parts of your house, but especially in the bathroom. Different times of day and different circumstances in the bathroom may call for varying levels of light.

For example, if you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, you probably don’t want a full blast of bright light shining when you walk in. In the mornings, you might wish to wake up more gradually with dimmer light, or you might need the bright light to really get you into your “wakeup” mode. Using dimmer switches and bulbs allows you to take greater control over the lighting levels for all situations.


There are a lot of people who like to make sure all the finishes to their lighting fixtures match perfectly, but this really isn’t important—not nearly so much as making sure finishes on countertops or kitchen appliances match. You can find finishes that are different but still complement each other. For example, polished nickel, polished chrome and stainless steel are all technically different finishes, but all complement each other. Or, if you prefer warmer tones, you could go with a natural bronze combined with antique gold—you’ll still have a good design flow.

Avoid halogen bulbs

The kind of bulbs you use in the bathroom will really have a significant impact on the feel of the space when it’s lit up. Intense halogen lights are used in a lot of fixtures today, but they tend to cause very harsh shadows when pointed at you. If you’re washing your face, shaving or applying makeup, you don’t want those kinds of shadows obscuring your face, so opt for some different bulbs instead.

Go for lighting layers

As much as possible, attempt to layer your lighting so you can get a good combination of overhead lighting with surround lighting. Overhead lighting won’t really help you at the mirror, so having vanity lights or sconces over the mirror can really make a difference. You can install can lighting that spotlights particular areas, such as a bathtub, floor areas or the shower. You can have simple, small lights set up around the tub that will create a warm, cozy feeling if you have the other lights turned off and want to take a relaxing bath. There are a wide variety of feels you can accomplish with your lighting, and layering those different lighting options is one of the best ways to make sure you can achieve the effect you desire.

Interested in learning more about the best bathroom lighting strategies in Fort Worth, TX to implement in your remodel? We encourage you to contact the bathroom remodelers at The RockAway Company today for more information.

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