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When to Hire Residential General Contractors

June 15, 2020

As anyone who has ever tried a little DIY on the weekends can attest, the spectrum of home renovation projects is enormous and diverse. You can add some paint to the molding, install a vanity or gut your entire kitchen—and any project is going to require planning, foresight and skilled execution. For some of these larger projects, it’s going to be clear that you should hire a general contractor to help you manage the process—but how can you tell when you want to start looking at hiring residential contractors in Fort Worth, TX?

Our family business has over a quarter century of experience in the business. With this in mind, The RockAway Company has put together some guidance on how you can make this choice.

Consider the timeline

Once you start looking at your project, try and estimate how long it’s going to take you. When looking at a larger project, many people underestimate how long and intricate of a project it’s going to be, which can cost both money and time. So, a general rule of thumb that our team at The RockAway Company has devised is that, if you think a project is going to take more than a week, then it’s likely complex enough to require hiring a residential contractor in Fort Worth, TX. This will ensure that the project schedule and budget are managed appropriately by experienced professionals, which increases efficiency and effectiveness.

Consider the contractors

Some projects can be knocked out with just one or two contractors—if you’re putting in a chandelier, you’re probably only going to need an electrician, to pick one example. However, more complex jobs like room remodels are going to require a number of people. A kitchen remodel could require a plumber, an electrician and a tiler, just for starters. Once you start needing to coordinate more than a tradesperson or two, then it’s time to hire a residential contractor in Fort Worth, TX to manage schedules and ensure that all work is being completed in the correct order and according to both your schedule and your budget—services that many homeowners just don’t have the expertise to accomplish on their own.

How many permits do you need?

If your job is going to require a couple of permits, then it’s time to hire a residential contractor in Fort Worth, TX. The reason for this is simple: the permit process in Texas can be both confusing and time consuming. General contractors know how to quickly and smoothly navigate this process, freeing up more time for productive construction rather than red tape. Additionally, multiple permits being required is a sign that the job is quickly getting complicated, so that’s also a sign you should call in the pros.

Home renovation projects can really be a pleasurable experience for homeowners if they stick with the right professionals. General contractors provide invaluable services that increase the likelihood that you’ll be satisfied with the outcome of your project. At The RockAway Company, we have unique experience that allows us to manage projects with efficiency and diligence, which translates to your dream home being realized in fewer hours and at a lower cost. Get in touch to learn more!

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