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Your Guide to Handicap Bathroom Remodels

January 11, 2020

As you or your loved ones age, it starts to become clear that the kinds of bathrooms that work for younger folks are not as accessible as your age or disability require. If you or a family member have mobility issues, it may be time to look into a handicap bathroom remodel in Fort Worth, TX.

Consulting with a bathroom remodeling contractor before you make any remodeling decisions is a wise idea—we can help you increase your accessibility without sacrificing style or design. In the meantime, here’s an overview of what your bathroom remodel might entail.

The planning process

A good deal of the work you put into your bathroom remodel will be at the outset. The planning process is important because it gives you the opportunity to decide what your top priorities are, determine your budget and see how you can maximize your remodel for function and form.

After you’ve determined your budget, you should think about the major needs you or your loved one have. Do you need a walk-in shower with seating? A wide door for wheelchair accessibility? Handrails and accessible flooring? Lowering shelves and raising toilets? These are all possible, and your contractor can help you come up with a design to address all your accessibility issues. Obviously, any redesign where you’ll have to significantly change the layout or add space is going to be more expensive than installing a few handrails, but you should be able to find options at your price point.

If you’re not sure where to start, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has a set of guidelines for accessible bathrooms that address everything from size to toilet height. It’s a great starting point for the planning stage.

Recommendations and options

Once you’ve settled on your most pressing needs, it’s time to decide how they’ll fit into your remodel:

  • Walk-in showers: Whether you have a shower/tub combo or already have a walk-in shower that needs adjustments, many with disabilities find that walk-in showers are desirable. You can add rails, seating and accessible showerheads for better access.
  • Slip-resistant floors: Fall risks are serious, which is why you should give serious thought to making the floors resistant to slipping, whether with paint, rubber flooring or strategic design.
  • Lowered cabinets and shelving: Lowering cabinets and shelving for those in wheelchairs is a relatively simple fix, and makes things significantly easier to reach for those with mobility issues.
  • Aging in place specialist: You might consider working with a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, who can help you build up to ADA standards.

Handicap bathroom remodels in Fort Worth, TX

The RockAway Company has been performing handicap bathroom remodels in Fort Worth, TX since 1993. Our home renovations and remodels are designed with customer satisfaction, individual needs and aesthetics in mind to create the fully functional space of your dreams. If you’re ready to make adjustments to your bathroom, our seasoned professionals can help you create aging in place solutions. Call us today to start the ball rolling on your accessible remodel.

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