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How to Make Your Bathroom ADA Compliant

November 5, 2019

There are plenty of reasons to update your home’s or business’ bathroom to ensure that it is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As the owner of a Texas-based business, you’re required to include specific amenities like easily accessible toilets or grab bars in Fort Worth, TX. Even though they’re not legally compelled to do so, there are also plenty of reasons for a private resident to make sure their bathroom is ready to accommodate those with physical disabilities.

When you’ve chosen to update your bathroom to meet ADA standards, here are a few pointers to get you started.

Widen the door

To accommodate those people in a wheelchair or on crutches, your doorway should ideally be three feet wide. In addition, that widened door should have offset hinges so that no part of your doorway’s threshold is obstructed.

Lower your light switches

Consider lowering your light and fan switches to a spot on the wall that can be reached by anyone. This can be especially critical for businesses with a restroom light that’s turned on and off as people enter and leave.

Easily accessible toilet

Your toilet stall should be at least 60 inches wide, and the base should be at least a foot and a half from the base to the seat top. You should also have a foot and a half of clearance on either side of the toilet.

Secure grab bars

Make it a bit easier to get on and off the toilet with grab bars in Fort Worth, TX that sit between 34 and 38 inches above the floor. You may also find it necessary to reinforce the walls on which the grab bars are placed.

Add a shower seat

If your bathroom is used for showers, you should consider installing a shower seat. To meet specific ADA guidelines, the seat should support a weight of at least 250 pounds. It should also be foldable. If necessary, you should also consider installing a roll-in shower.

Don’t just lower the sink

You might suspect that an ADA-compliant bathroom involves a lowered sink, and you’d be right. That said, your sink should also be at least 34 inches above the ground so that it can accommodate the knees of anyone in a wheelchair.

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