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Reasons to Invest in an Office Remodel in Fort Worth, TX

September 10, 2019

A number of factors influence employee satisfaction, including compensation, benefits, paid time off and their workspace. Regardless of your business or industry, your staff’s contentment directly impacts your bottom line. Many companies opt to remodel their offices because these changes boost employee morale and lead to an improvement in overall work quality. Read on to learn the reasons why it’s worth investing in an office remodel in Fort Worth, TX.

Increase productivity

Study after study have shown that happy employees yield better work. Harvard Business Review calls this the happiness dividend, and the numbers demonstrate how real the impact is when happy people are working for your enterprise: increases in sales by an average of 37 percent, productivity by 31 percent and accuracy on tasks by 19 percent. These numbers mean one very important thing for your business: an improved return on investment in your human resources and operating costs.

An office remodel in Fort Worth, TX is also an opportunity to minimize distractions in your business. Work with your management team and human resources staff to identify issues that can be solved by constructing offices differently or by providing open workspaces. If built-in distractions are eliminated with a remodel, the increase in productivity will cover the costs of hiring your contractor.

Encourage collaboration

An open floor plan creates spaces for employees and executives to bond and work together. With fewer walls in a more welcoming environment, communication isn’t restrained and people are less divided. Collaboration allows lower-level staff members to share innovative ideas with key decision makers, possibly transforming how you do business or meet your clients’ needs.

While an open floor plan might not be possible given existing limitations, there are still design and building methods for opening up a workplace more than how it is currently. Businesses can create collaborative working spaces and conference rooms or staff kitchens where people can eat together during breaks.

Provide comfort

Think about how challenging it is to get a good night’s sleep when you’re uncomfortable. Now consider how hard it is to work effectively and efficiently in an uncomfortable environment and what your employees experience five days a week. Increasing natural light, airflow and security achieve a comfortable workplace that people want to work in, rather than dread coming to.

Inspire creativity

We all experience creative blocks that get in the way of innovating in our work. However, a change in scenery, some physical activity or a simple break can get those creative juices flowing quickly. When you remodel your office, you can build break rooms that incorporate tasks that stimulate the mind and body with games and activities. Or maybe you can curate an outdoor break space for employees to take a walk around or enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Ready to make the investment in an office remodel in Fort Worth, TX? Reimagine your enterprise with new workspaces and let us do the rest. Partner with a premier design-build contractor that values service, like The RockAway Company. We pride ourselves on designing and building a workplace that benefits both the business owner and the employees. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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