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Reasons to Renovate Instead of Moving

August 7, 2019

You may feel like it’s time to move on from your home for a variety of reasons, ranging from bedrooms that are too small to noisy neighbors. However, there’s no getting around the fact that moving to a new home can be quite the chore. That’s why many people looking to move should instead consider renovating or remodeling their home.

Home renovation in Fort Worth, TX is a totally viable alternative to moving for many homeowners. In fact, home renovation is far more desirable than moving, if you like your home’s location and your yard, but are simply hoping to change or expand your living space.

Qualified home renovation experts can help you improve and redefine your living space. Working with a trusted, highly skilled home renovation contractor can provide you with the expertise and supplies necessary to completely transform your existing home into a living space that meets your needs and expectations. Here are just some of the reasons to invest in home renovation in Fort Worth, TX:

  • Customize space to meet individual needs: When you decide to invest in renovating and improving your home, rather than leaving it behind, you can develop customized solutions that tailor your living space to meet your unique, individualized needs. You won’t have to worry about moving into a new environment that may also need some level of customization to fit what your family requires.
  • Access existing equity to finance improvements: You may be able to use a home equity line of credit (HELOC) to finance improvements to your living space. These low-risk loans offer more favorable terms than other types of loans, because they allow you to tap into the equity that you’ve built up by paying down your mortgage all these years. If you move into a new home, however, you’ll lose the equity you’ve built up in your current mortgage.
  • Stay in the neighborhood: Chances are, you moved into the neighborhood in which you currently reside for a reason—you enjoy spending time there! When you decide to renovate your existing home rather than purchase a new one, you can stay in your neighborhood and avoid the unknown factors of moving into a totally new and unfamiliar space.
  • Avoid costly relocation expenses: Selling a home and purchasing a new one involves a lot of money—you’ll have to hire realtors, pay for inspections, cover bank fees and more. Often, renovating the home that you already live in makes much more financial sense, especially if you like the neighborhood, yard and location.

Since 1993, The RockAway Company has been a trusted provider of home renovation in Fort Worth, TX. We’re proud to provide our clients with dependable, high-quality home renovation services that account for their needs as homeowners. To learn more about ways that we can help you transform your living space to meet your specific needs, contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable renovation professionals today. We’d love to meet with you to discuss the best renovation strategies for your home.

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