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What to Consider When Making a Kitchen Renovation Budget

July 9, 2019

There are countless options to review and points to consider when renovating a kitchen. Home remodeling in Fort Worth, TX is an involved, time-consuming and costly project to take on, especially when a portion of that is focused on the kitchen. If you think about, it the kitchen really is the hub of a home: everyone gathers here to enjoy meals, catch up and spend quality time together. That is why it’s so important for your kitchen renovation undertaking to move along smoothly.

To ensure that your kitchen renovation happens in the most stress-free, cost-effective manner possible, you need to consider budgeting for the project. So many different elements must come together to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, and the only way to make that happen is to budget correctly from the outset.

Stick to the Budget You Set

The average cost of a kitchen remodel is $23,702. For any homeowner, that’s a lot of money to spend on a single room. Before you start picking backsplashes and cabinets, you have to sit down and determine exactly how much you can budget for your kitchen renovation. Once you have ascertained the budget you are able to afford, you have to stick to it throughout the project. One of the best ways to adhere to your budget is to work with a company trusted for high-quality home remodeling in Fort Worth, TX.

Factor in the Unexpected

Most experts tell homeowners to set aside 20 percent of their budget for unexpected costs. You never know when an issue will come up that will increase the cost of installing a new oven or building a pantry. Planning for the unexpected makes staying on a budget easier and minimizes anxiety when surprises happen—and believe us, they will!

Don’t Forget the Peripheral Costs

There are other costs people forget to include in their kitchen renovation budget, such as eating out, since your kitchen will be inoperable for a few days (at least). Some go as far as staying elsewhere during the renovation process, which can increase your costs and should be considered a part of your budget for this project. You might need to rent storage space for items you’re moving out of your kitchen during the renovation. Look at all of these additional factors before settling on your budget.

Know Your Priorities

Even when you plan for the unexpected, you’ll sometimes go over budget despite your best efforts. With a list of priorities for your kitchen renovation, you’ll know what absolutely must get done and what can wait until a later time.

Track Costs

A simple spreadsheet that tracks each and every cost may seem like overkill, but it will save you a lot of agony down the road. This makes it easy to identify overspending and put a stop to it before it derails your entire project.

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