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How Flooring Contributes to the Value of Your Home

July 23, 2019

Everything you do in your home requires flooring. Even lying in bed drifting off to sleep means having a floor upon which the furniture rests so you can get some shuteye. Flooring plays an integral part in the functionality of your space, but also in the value of your home. Many who undertake home remodeling in Fort Worth, TX invest in brand-new flooring because of the surprising return on investment it provides.

Why Flooring Matters

Scroll through a furniture website or a home decor catalog. Every room featured in these places has beautiful flooring. Worn flooring ages a home quickly. Stained carpeting, dated laminate and scratched-up wood floors immediately make a stunning house look shabby.

Real estate experts assert that new flooring is one of the best low-cost remodeling options homeowners can make that delivers a substantial return on investment. Consider how you would feel about a property that was great except for the floors. You’d probably lose interest in that residence pretty quickly. The aesthetic appeal of flooring should not be underestimated.

The Cost of New Flooring

Flooring costs vary based on the material you want to use. The average installation cost for new carpeting is $1,498, compared to wood floors, which average about $4,240. However, the return on investment for flooring also varies wildly. Research shows that carpeting maxes out at an ROI of 40 percent, whereas wood floors can have up to an 80 percent return on investment.

There are new flooring options that recreate the look of wood floors without the cost, such as laminate, tile and vinyl. While these materials can mimic hardwood floors, thus meeting the aesthetic expectations, nothing compares to the durability and versatility of real wood.

Does Your Whole House Need to Have Wood Flooring?

Absolutely not! Portions of your home with high humidity, such as basements, laundry closets and bathrooms, should not use wood as a flooring material. Your home has a particular style, so it’s up to you to add new flooring that enhances this aesthetic instead of fighting against it. Yes, wood flooring delivers the most bang for your buck, but there’s also a high percentage of return on investment with ceramic and stone tiles.

You also have to consider what you like. Maybe you’d prefer that your bedroom have thick, lush carpeting. If that’s the case, go for it! It is your home, after all. Just keep in mind that if you want to sell your home at a later date, it’s in your best interest to remove the carpeting and install different flooring to increase interest.

Before you begin the process of picking new flooring for your home, consult qualified professionals who understand home remodeling in Fort Worth, TX. The RockAway Company has more than two decades of experience in this industry and only hires the very best to join the team. Rest assured that your flooring project, or any other home or commercial renovation, is in good hands when you hire The RockAway Company. Contact us today to learn the best way to install new flooring in your home.

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