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The Top Trends in Kitchen Renovations in Fort Worth, TX for 2019

June 21, 2019

Back in the day, home kitchens were used almost solely for preparing meals and storing dishware. That’s not the case today—it’s 2019 and kitchens across the United States are being used for multiple purposes, and they’re even moving up in status to be called the most popular hangout space in the whole house. The kitchen is now a major focal point, so it’s time to transform it into a warm and welcoming space.

Before starting your kitchen remodel, take some time to learn about the technological advances and styles you can work into your project plans. Here are some of the top trends in kitchen renovations in Fort Worth, TX that you can expect to see this year:

  • Smart kitchen technology: One of the most popular kitchen trends of the year is homeowners transitioning over to smart technology. Technology can be integrated into almost every appliance and function you can think of, including the refrigerator, the lighting and even your faucets. Since a true smart kitchen is best built from the ground up, you can indeed do this as your kitchen renovation project.
  • Streamlined looks and materials: Traditional kitchen styles like mid-century modern and farmhouse will likely never go out of style. However, homeowners are moving toward more streamlined options for their kitchens that encompass all aspects, from designs to aesthetics to alternative materials. Going streamlined means benefiting from simplicity. Simple looks focus on modern, clean lines, and providing a stress-free environment for you to rejuvenate in after a long day. Some examples include removing upper wall cabinets to open up the space and using interesting textures like natural stone tile floors or backsplashes.
  • Dark cabinet colors: White cabinets are classic. They work with almost any kitchen style, but white is not the trend this year—nowadays, it’s all about dark paint colors and wood stains. So, what colors will be in kitchens now? Shades of blue and green, dark jewel tones like navy blue, black, plum and emerald green. If you’re skeptical, know that dark kitchen cabinets can work really well in and even dramatically enhance a kitchen’s space and feel.
  • Functional kitchen storage: Kitchens need room for more than large appliances, countertops and islands. They also need to offer usable storage space without wasting Unfortunately, most basic drawers and shelves are designed in a way that unnecessarily wastes space. Oftentimes, they are too small for larger items or too wide to properly store a variety of things.
  • Ceramic tile flooring: The go-to flooring material for kitchens is laminate, but ceramic tile is squeezing its way into second place. Ceramic tile now comes in a wide variety of styles, designs and sizes. You can get ceramic tiles that resemble hardwood flooring, but are easier to clean and maintain. Want ceramic tile that looks like other materials, like natural stone? It’s available!

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