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Remodeling Tips to Keep Your Home Comfortable and Efficient

February 1, 2019

Your home is your castle, which means you should always feel comfortable while you’re inside. Additionally, you should never have to pay an arm and a leg on your monthly energy bills to achieve a basic level of comfort. These two factors go hand in hand when it comes to remodeling. Continue reading to learn how remodeling services in Fort Worth, TX can make your home more comfortable while also ensuring you don’t break the bank on your bills:

  • Weatherproof: Before you remodel anything inside, it’s important to ensure that the exterior of your home can properly protect you from the elements. Any sort of damage to the roof or siding is a hotbed for mold growth and will lead to other problems like leaks or energy inefficiency, as air can easily slip out of cracks in your siding or roof. Have your contractor inspect your siding, roof and attic or crawlspace to ensure everything looks as it should. If anything’s amiss, your contractor should be able to fix the problem before it gets any worse.
  • Improve air quality: The quality of your home’s air is the difference between being comfortable in your home and living with breathing difficulties or allergies. You can boost the quality of your air a few different ways. The easiest of these is simply changing your air filter on your heating system. You can also have your home’s envelope sealed to ensure nasty air from the crawlspace doesn’t penetrate your living area. Talk to your contractor to see how your air quality stacks up and whether or not you should take action to improve it.
  • Change the lighting: What’s the lighting like in your home? Do the bright lights make it feel more like a doctor’s office than a residence? If so, then it’s time to call a contractor. Switch out the harsh lights for softer ones, and consider replacing the fixtures to create a more peaceful ambience. At this time, it’s also important to look into buying energy-efficient bulbs that can help you save big bucks throughout their lifespan.
  • Replace leaky windows: Do the areas by your windows feel uncomfortably cold in the winter and hot in the summer? This isn’t an uncommon issue. Outdated windows allow cold and hot air to seep inside while letting your indoor air flow out. This leads to an uncomfortable living situation and is a huge waste of energy. You should think about replacing those old windows, or at least talk to a contractor about ways to weatherproof them to make your home more comfortable.
  • General maintenance: You don’t necessarily need to hire a contractor to make your home more comfortable—just being a diligent homeowner can help a lot! As mentioned above, change your air filters monthly, and make sure to clean your vents on a quarterly basis. Also, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping help ensure your air quality is as good as possible.

If you’re ready to start living more comfortably and spend less money on your bills each month, it’s time to give The RockAway Company a call for remodeling services in Fort Worth, TX. Whether your project is big or small, our team is ready to tackle the job.

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