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Design the Ultimate Luxury Bath with These Tips

November 11, 2018

Modern day bathrooms are so much more than a space with a simple toilet, sink and bathtub. A bathroom is a place of privacy, a place where everyone leaves you alone. With a creative eye, knowing what you want and a little professional guidance, you can have both function and comfort! But first things first: you either have to know that your bathroom truly needs an update, or have a strong desire to upgrade your bathroom space or fixtures.

If you want a luxury bathroom and are still in the planning stages, then the following information is for you. Here are some tips to help with your luxury bathroom remodel in Fort Worth, TX.

Vanities, sinks and countertops

Talk to your contractor about the space you have to work with before deciding on your new bathroom vanity. Remember to leave room for other bathroom fixtures and plenty of space to move around. Get creative with the vanity and sink, such as by opting for a fixture with a unique shape and eye-catching colors. Whether you’re interested in solid stone, porcelain or large-format tile, take the time to consider the material you want for your vanity countertops.


Mirrors are for more than just looking at your face in the morning. In fact, the right mirrors can pull triple duty in the guest and master bathrooms. So, when choosing new mirrors for your bathroom remodel project, it’s not a bad plan to make sure they can perform multiple functions. A good mirror can reflect natural light to create the illusion of a larger room. If this same mirror is aesthetically pleasing, then you now have a decorative statement piece to hang, too. Then there are mirrors with built-in LED technology, which produces clean and bright light.


Whether you enjoy reading while in a bubble bath or want a good view when getting ready for the day, your ability to see well hinges on bathroom lighting. Functional lighting is important, but ambience is key to an inviting bathroom. From dimmable lights to a fixture with several light settings to remote lighting, get bathroom lights that work best for your routine.

Showers and bathtubs

The first thing homeowners tend to go shopping for during their bathroom remodel is a new tub and shower, especially if the old bathtub is stained or the shower is cracked. Like vanities and sinks, you can choose from a variety of installation shapes, sizes and colors. You should also take the time to research shower and tub materials and whether you want something like a tub-to-shower conversion or a relaxing, spa-like bathroom space.


A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to upgrade from old or water-inefficient toilets to modern day water savers. Also consider sitting comfort—for example, a toilet that has an elongated and higher seat provides serious comfort. Also choose from a range of brands offering motion sensor flush toilets, heated toilet seats and bidets.

If you’re ready to start a bathroom remodel in Fort Worth, TX, we encourage you to speak with an experienced contractor at The RockAway Company.

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