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Top Trends for Your Bathroom Remodel

July 9, 2018

Let’s face it—your bathroom looks old and outdated. The fixtures are straight out of the ‘70s, and the colors are boring. It’s time for the bathroom to get a facelift.

Whether you’re selling your home or planning to enjoy it long into the future, a bathroom remodel in Fort Worth, TX is a solid investment. Your property’s value will increase, and you’ll be able to more fully enjoy your time at home. Let’s take a look at the top trends in bathroom remodeling right now:

  • High tech:
    It’s about time the bathroom joined the rest of the house and ventured into the 21st century. Take the trusty toilet, for instance. Newer models play pleasant music, have heated seats and automatically close and open the lid. For the rest of the bathroom, adding wireless music systems, TVs and advanced climate control are other popular trends. Investing in technology will make your bathroom put the Jetsons’ to shame!
  • Efficiency:
    One trend that’s reversing in American homes is the desire for more and more space at any cost. Bathrooms are becoming smaller, but better at how they function. Space-saving walk-in showers or single-person freestanding tubs are on the rise. So are bowl sinks and smaller toilets. Of course, you want enough room to be comfortable, but the giant bathrooms of the past are giving way to little luxuries.
  • Vanity lighting:
    While it might not be the first thing you think of, lighting can make all the difference. Creative use of lighting makes a bathroom a more pleasant space. Different kinds of fixtures and dimmers are gaining popularity as they allow for a bit more personality and customization.
  • Heated floors:
    Who wouldn’t want to step out of the shower onto a warm tile floor? If you’re redoing your bathroom, these little changes can make all the difference. Radiant floor heating is also more efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Interesting tile shapes:
    The classic square or rectangular tile is fine, but why not try something different? From diamonds to hexagons to chevron patterns, people are gaining more choices in how they tile their bathrooms. Pick a unique color and shape that fits your individual style.

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