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How to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible

August 21, 2019

Life circumstances can change in an instant—whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or are helping a family member adapt to changing mobility, there are a number of situations when you might need to consider ways to make your living space wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, even most modern homes aren’t built with wheelchair accessibility in mind. In fact, it’s often challenging for people who rely on wheelchairs to get around to find housing that can accommodate their needs. Thankfully, there are a number of trusted contractors that can help people with different mobility needs make their living spaces work for... View Article

Reasons to Renovate Instead of Moving

August 7, 2019

You may feel like it’s time to move on from your home for a variety of reasons, ranging from bedrooms that are too small to noisy neighbors. However, there’s no getting around the fact that moving to a new home can be quite the chore. That’s why many people looking to move should instead consider renovating or remodeling their home. Home renovation in Fort Worth, TX is a totally viable alternative to moving for many homeowners. In fact, home renovation is far more desirable than moving, if you like your home’s location and your yard, but are simply hoping to... View Article

How Flooring Contributes to the Value of Your Home

July 23, 2019

Everything you do in your home requires flooring. Even lying in bed drifting off to sleep means having a floor upon which the furniture rests so you can get some shuteye. Flooring plays an integral part in the functionality of your space, but also in the value of your home. Many who undertake home remodeling in Fort Worth, TX invest in brand-new flooring because of the surprising return on investment it provides. Why Flooring Matters Scroll through a furniture website or a home decor catalog. Every room featured in these places has beautiful flooring. Worn flooring ages a home quickly.... View Article

What to Consider When Making a Kitchen Renovation Budget

July 9, 2019

There are countless options to review and points to consider when renovating a kitchen. Home remodeling in Fort Worth, TX is an involved, time-consuming and costly project to take on, especially when a portion of that is focused on the kitchen. If you think about, it the kitchen really is the hub of a home: everyone gathers here to enjoy meals, catch up and spend quality time together. That is why it’s so important for your kitchen renovation undertaking to move along smoothly. To ensure that your kitchen renovation happens in the most stress-free, cost-effective manner possible, you need to... View Article

The Top Trends in Kitchen Renovations in Fort Worth, TX for 2019

June 21, 2019

Back in the day, home kitchens were used almost solely for preparing meals and storing dishware. That’s not the case today—it’s 2019 and kitchens across the United States are being used for multiple purposes, and they’re even moving up in status to be called the most popular hangout space in the whole house. The kitchen is now a major focal point, so it’s time to transform it into a warm and welcoming space. Before starting your kitchen remodel, take some time to learn about the technological advances and styles you can work into your project plans. Here are some of... View Article