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January 30, 2020

"Julie and I would like to thank you for the great job your company did completing our master bathroom and bedroom remodel. As a disabled veteran suffering with ALS, the VA grant I was awarded covered the cost of the project but using the grant meant challenges to your company in securing approval of the project through the VA. But Lori was a real trooper in securing all necessary approvals and we are thankful for all her hard work. John, the Project Manager, was easy to work with and did a great job bringing the project in on time, much to our satisfaction. The sub-contractors were courteous and very hard-working. Julie and love the finished remodel and would recommend your company to all looking for a good contractor!"
January 30, 2020

"Now that we have completed our whole house remodel at **** Myrtle Springs Road in Benbrook, I think back to the first meeting we had at our house on March 18 of this year. You came to the front door, and we sat at a table in front of the fireplace, barely able to read papers because of the poor lighting. Lin and I attempted to convey to you what we wanted to do with our house, to remake it to the way we wanted to use and age into it; a “high end lodge look” we said. We took you around the house on a tour and told you our thoughts on what we wanted to do, not knowing if we were dreaming the impossible. And you started coming up with ideas that were beyond even our deepest imaginations. Ideas that exactly coincided with what we were looking for. We knew after that first evening we had found the right person for the job. A few weeks later, when we started reviewing your drawings, we became even more convinced that we were working with the right person. You steered us away from some ideas that would not have been feasible or in our best interest, and recommended things that enhanced what we wanted, which we very much appreciate. Once the project began in July, we were amazed at how quickly things progressed. Working with John Hagwood was a true pleasure throughout the entire process. He managed to find solutions when there was a problem, and didn't hesitate to let us know if something was not feasible. Blake and Lori, working behind the scenes, were also very professional and a pleasure to work with. We are extremely pleased with the final result. In a word, it is just beautiful. It goes beyond what we imagined when we started. You were able to take our somewhat vague ideas of what we wanted and turn them into reality. We have received numerous compliments on the house from friends who have watched the before and after video that you made, and those who have been able to visit it in person. We were apprehensive going into the remodeling process after hearing many horror stories from others about their experiences with contractors, delays, poor quality of work, or simply not finishing the work. I am happy to say that none of these concerns turned out to be an issue during this remodel, and we were very impressed and happy to work with the Rockaway Company. Thank you for making that a reality. We would be more than happy to recommend the Rockaway Company to others planning similar work for their houses. And of course we will turn to you in the future with any work we may have, though at this point I can't think of anything left to do! Thanks so much, and best wishes for future success!"
January 30, 2020

"Rockaway team, thank you! I loved it! You all do great work!"
January 30, 2020

"Please tell everyone at Rockaway we appreciate how professionally the work was completed. This was by far the easiest and most pleasant remodeling project we've experienced. Thanks again!"
July 2, 2019


"Rockaway did a fantastic job remodeling our kitchen. We use it every day are very pleased at a job will done. We never say it should have been done this way or that way. Rockaway came up with a plan and we are very pleased with how every thing turned out. Their staff knows what they are doing and most of them have been with Rockaway many years; unusual for this type of business. Check the competition. You might pay alittle more but it is worth every penny choosing Rockway."
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