Commercial Services


Rockaway offers commercial customers legendary commercial remodeling services in and around Fort Worth. We know that business doesn’t stop while you expand and grow, and that’s why we become your company’s growth partner and strategist. We plan spaces and even complete turnkey design projects for many of our commercial partners.

We Work at the Speed of Business

Business isn’t always predictable, and sometimes rapid growth and other emergencies can require rapid reactions. Whether your business needs a full manufacturing upgrade done in only a matter of weeks or the weather has damaged the roof of your commercial building, Rockaway gets the job done in the time specified and to the customer’s specifications.

We’re also specialists at dealing with regulations. New or changing facilities often require special permitting and have to demonstrate compliance with other applicable laws, like ADA for example. We have relationships with city and county leaders near  the Fort Worth area who make decisions on zoning and permitting. We are also capable of constructing and renovating specialty buildings like medical facilities, manufacturing, historical renovations and even static-free rooms.

Turnkey Logistics

Our customers most appreciate that we can provide turnkey project solutions that don’t impact their business 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. When other companies are taking breaks, we’re hard at work, whether it’s over the holidays, on weekends or at night. Your business can’t stop because you need to expand or meet compliance requirements, and we make sure your business keeps running smoothly while we put the dedication and 30+ years of commercial design experience to work for your business.

Commercial Gallery

We’ve worked with many commercial application from historical to strip center finish outs. We’ve designed and completed Doctor’s offices, restaurants, tanning salons, beauty parlors, a police station and a city hall. We’ve gone from building a mausoleum to building a 180 acre park in Colin County and so much more.